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At Precision Pools we strive to deliver a seamless and worry free experience, from the design of your new pool through to your first swim. We can help you create a custom concrete pool that will enhance the value of your home and provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family and friends.

Pool Renovations Auckland

Concrete pools need to be replastered every 20 – 25 years. Over time the coated surface of a pool will deteriorate, which can affect the water quality and can have an impact on the pool filtration system. The plaster coatings can stain and break down, and paint coatings will fade and oxidise which can create a milky residue in the water.

Precision Pools have successfully renovated hundreds of swimming pools. From a simple replaster, to major structural changes. Not only do we renovate pools that have deteriorated over time, but we can also make changes to the style and shape of your pool.


Our colourful, sparkling glass pool finishes provide an unrivalled combination of aesthetic brilliance and structural integrity. We have the ability to create any colour you can imagine with our smooth and colour-fast glass pebbles.

Every order is pre-mixed in the factory to ensure consistency of colour as well as our extraordinarily high standards of quality. Our gorgeous glass pool interiors have been designed with ease of use in mind. They are easily applied to your pool and even easier for you to care for.

A luxury pool interior that will stand the test of time. Our decadent glass finishes retain warmth from the sun. Pleasingly smooth to the touch, the sparkling effect day and night is something to behold.


The pebble is sourced right here in New Zealand
The most durable and beautiful pool interior finish on the market
Extravagant, deep colours that will not fade
Low maintenance, colour fast and easy to look after
Sparkles under sun and artificial light
Luxuriously smooth finish
Easily installed by our trusted NZ Pool Industries trained pool plasterers
Don’t accept inferior imitations

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