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Bugs! Our Backyard Heroes

Bugs may have a reputation for being small, scaly and scary but some creepy crawlies are actually superheroes in disguise! Bugs! Our Backyard Heroes is a family-friendly, hands-on educational experience that brings visitors face-to-face with some real live mini-monsters. The exhibition explores the secret world of bugs and the vital role they play in our lives without us even realising it! Featuring ‘Eugene’, the giant centipede, and his friends the tree weetaa, stick insects, locusts, crickets, cockroaches and Avondale spiders, the exhibition provides an opportunity to learn about different native species of bugs in New Zealand and the sometimes precarious position they hold in the ecosystem. There are plenty of hands-on activities for youngsters to get involved in, including how to become a citizen scientist and how bugs inspire those on the frontline of technology. Education programmes are available for this exhibition.  (Developed and toured by Puke Ariki. Photo…
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Actor and activist Russell Brand is returning to New Zealand

Russell Brand will bring his new show Recovery Live to New Zealand in March, 2020. The mental health and drug rehabilitation activist said the 90-minute show was a program for those "aspiring to be saints who have lived too long among demons". Russell Brand will perform his show at these locations and dates: Auckland's Bruce Mason Centre on March 14 Christchurch's Isaac Theatre Royal on March 17 Wellington's Opera House on March 19. "This is an alternative vision for life at a time devoid of real values and connection. This could be the thing you have been looking for and it's weird that this is the way you're going to find it,"
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5 Tips For Hosting A Successful Garage Sale

Whether you know them as garage or yard sales, you can successfully sell your old items by dragging them onto your lawn and placing stickers on them. While that's the simplified way that yard sales work, it's not far from what really happens. There's more research, marketing and planning that goes into a successful yard sale though. Planning Stages Before bringing all your items out onto your lawn or garage, you should be planning the date as well as bringing your neighbors in on the process. When you have more people selling items, you're likely to attract more people to the yard sale. Having a neighborhood sale is an event that will bring in tons of traffic. While some people might go to one or two yard sales on a Saturday, they'll definitely check out yours if there's a few on the same street. Clean and Organise Once you've decided on a weekend for your garage sale, start cleaning out your garage as well …
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