New World Glenview Needs Your Help

Unfortunately our little store has been the target of repeated, and aggressive theft in the last few weeks. Sadly people in the community feel that they can take what is not theirs and are willing to hurt our valuable staff in the process! We have great camera footage, witness reports, car regos, and in many cases even know the names of these people! We are asking for your support. Our staff get intimidated and assaulted by these people who think they are ENTITLED to take what they like without paying for it. We are not asking you to put yourself at risk, but rather keep your eyes open and alert staff to any suspicious behavior in store or in the carpark. If you see our staff run out after someone, we ask for your patience as this leaves a void at checkouts or in other departments. And if you KNOW someone that thinks they are entitled to our stuff... can you let them know we have systems in place and their 'light fingered' days need to stop! Let's work together to make…
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