We are integrated specialists with 30+ staff based at hubs across NZ (Christchurch, West Coast, Hamilton and Lower Hutt.) We bring together the skills of world-leading engineers, chemists, geologists, environmental scientists and technicians to provide a wide range of services under our consulting, Noise monitoring, analysis, and research and development business units.

Having skill sets that connect with and cross divisions allows us to offer a more complete view of our clients’ challenges. With more tools in the kit, we’re simply better problem solvers, equipped to develop new ideas, approaches and innovation that deliver cutting edge solutions. We also draw on our international network of collaborators and partners to ensure complete solutions.

Our history goes back to the 1980s and has evolved and expanded in the decades since. We are experienced in working closely with the private sector, universities, Iwi and Government. With particular experience in resource development and efficiency for the minerals and energy sectors, our proven track record spans environmental quality matters for all industries.

Verum means truth, an essential and underpinning influence across every part of our business. Our laboratories quite literally trade on truth and a rigorous understanding of analytical precision, accuracy and certainty. Interpretation of the lab analysis and other information in an objectively truthful manner, along with the experience to put facts into context is critical for quality consultancy. The search for new knowledge and truth drives any piece of research we undertake. And commercialisation is also an exercise in truth, by market Dust testing whether our lab analysis, consultancy or research has viable value to the community.

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