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Become a member of the Neighbourlink NZ Forum community to get involved with those around you and reap the benefits of being part of this people-focused network. Membership is open to every individual and organisation with an interest in being part of, and improving New Zealand’s neighbourhoods. Reasons to join:  Recognition as a contributing member towards the involvement and improvement of your neighbourhood.  Share topics across our channels and get better feedback.  Connect and converse with other like-minded Kiwis.  Support local businesses by connecting local communities.  Opportunities to participate in and improve your neighbourhood. How to join: To become a forum member, all you have to do is to register your account here on Neighbourlink. Signing up is free and always will be. Once logged in, you can join the conversation here: forums. Register now!
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Be More Neighbourly

One of the best features of the world wide web is it enables us to connect with our neighbours in new ways. Establishing an online community is an effective way to communicate with those who live in the same area that we would not otherwise be able to. In today's society, many of us are too busy with work, life and family to interact with our neighbours in the traditional ways. And when many of us move around frequently for work or because we’re renters we don’t always have the longevity to establish meaningful relationships.   Whether it is asking for recommendations on restaurants to warnings about break-ins to promoting your business or services, participating in an online community is a great way to be more neighbourly, and being more connected.   Find your neighbour link and stay connected.
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