Virscient uses an in-depth understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop software and hardware solutions with a wide range of wireless solutions. Founded in 2011, Virscient’s engineers specialise in delivering powerful wireless products for streamlined, industry-leading connectivity. Expertise in security means businesses can be confident working with Virscient products and solutions.

Wireless connectivity impacts many facets of our lives and is a key tool for businesses. Working with experienced engineers is important to understand how software and hardware work together. Virscient has experts in all areas of wireless connectivity, always working with extreme attention to detail from design to development to application. On top of the in-house skills, an array of industry connections and partnerships allow the engineers to create world-leading wireless technologies.

An in-depth understanding of the industry means that Virscient has taken every step to ensure that your product meets its requirements. You can be confident in your electronic engineering certification and compliance with your product through a precise design and pre-testing process. If you wish to work with cutting-edge wireless engineers, the team at Virscient can help. Learn more about the industry-leading wireless technologies and how IoT development can benefit your business at

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