Initially HWL Group (Hydraulic Wholesalers Ltd) was an importer and distributor of some of the best hydraulic products from around the world. Our main focus was on sales, service and the design of hydraulic systems.

When the opportunity came along to be a Parker Distributor, we grabbed it with both hands. This enhanced our abilities to provide customers with the best and widest range of products available in New Zealand. Parker is the world leader in motion and control technologies and has the most diversified range of products of any hydraulic company in the world.
Since then, we have become a Parker Master Distributor of motion and control technologies, a Parker Store (in 2010) for Parker Hydraulics, and a Master Distributor and Authorised Service Agent (2011) for Parker Gas Generation, Separation, and Purification products. In addition, we have also taken on the range of Parker Process Control Valves (2014).

By having partnered up with one of the Global leading suppliers in Compressed Air and Gas Treatment, and the trusted, global leader in filtration systems innovation, to bring you the best products to excel within your industry.
Parker Hannifin and HWL together can provide you with the latest products to reduce your Carbon Footprint, get your company running efficiently, and save you money all the while.

HWL have been market leaders for the last 40 years; innovation and adaptability has established our position on the top, and ensures we never get left behind.
The future is still to be written, but we look forward to further development, and further diversification of HWL. Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your future endeavours.

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