Banh Mi Caphe is run by Anh and her chef husband, Pat Chaimontree.

Nowadays many more people get to enjoy Hong’s recipes; they are the core of the menu at Banh Mi Caphe, the Vietnamese eatery in Victoria St.

“Our food is light, we want people to appreciate the herbs, the crunchy shallots and peanuts. The sauce or dressing is always just to finish, not drown the food; you still want to taste the coriander and mint.”

Pat says herbs are key to Vietnamese food – the sharp flavours of coriander and mint – along with fresh vegetables, delicious sauces, noodles and broths. Vietnam’s long-ago French colonisers also had a strong influence on local cuisine. Banh mi – the baguettes that his eatery is named for – are a case in point, a French standard filled with fresh Vietnamese ingredients.

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About story credit to: DENISE IRVINE

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