A workspace that is anything but conventional

READ SOURCE:  Breaking tradition: A law firm with a workspace that is anything but conventional This article (link above) discusses how Brand and design agency, Saturday Creative, collaborated with Burning Red Design to create a vibrant and inviting office space for MC, New Zealand's largest litigation firm. The firm's refreshed brand identity reflects its contemporary and socially aware values. The strategic proposition of "credible audacity" guides the brand, blending its radical leadership with a solid foundation of credibility and integrity. Two distinct colour palettes, "credible" and "audacious," allow the brand to dial between different intensities of audacity and credibility. The office space, called Te Kāuta, features a dynamic café area where staff can gather and socialize. The design incorporates bursts of colour from MC's brand palette against an earthy backdrop, creating a lively atmosphere that celebrates contemporary Aotearoa. The walls are adorned with vibran…
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