Shared from a post on  a New Zealand Small Business Owners Networking & Ideas Forum by David Roberts: As business owners quite often we put our mental & physical health right at the back of the to-do list. Yesterday I found out something that left me sad & wishing I’d done more. It also hit home that COVID may continue to torment society Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding & exciting but it can also be really hard! It’s a bit like surfing the ocean swells with their peaks and trophs. Sometimes you catch a clean powerful wave and are vibing high & other times you get smashed around in the whitewash & eat a mouthful of sand. When you do come off your board you’ve got to get back on & paddle furiously to get back out the back. It’s hard work but rewarding. I’ve been working with a great kiwi manufacturer for over 5 years off and on. Last week I fired him an email regarding an upcoming project. He usually gets back to me same day so when I was still waiting a wee…
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