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People use Neighbourlink to discover great local businesses, services and events.

What’s going on in your neighbourhood?

Join and connect with local businesses on New Zealand’s online and public neighbourhood. Make your community a better and easier place to find out what’s happening.

Save Your Favourites

Find your favourite local cafe that serves you the best flat white? Why not add it to your favourites! Now you can keep a list of all your favourite places. Easy as.

Write a Review

Came across a local pub that serves fabulous craft beers? Why not leave a review that would inspire others to visit them too and share the amazing experience with your community.

Blog posts vs Forum posts

Just in case you get a little bit confused by the two, here is some easy explanations.

The Blog

A community blog where everyone can post stuff that informs you about the latest news and updates about your neighbourhood.

A discussion board where everyone can post topics and have a discussion with others in their neighbourhood. Ask questions or recommendations for local places and such.

Ask for Recommondations

Finally a place where you can find all the recommendations you need and not losing them in your timeline. Old, new and always up to date with interactions from local visitors and owners.

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