Advertising Templates

Neighbourlink Advertising and Marketing Templates

Point-of-Purchase marketing (or POP marketing) sells to a captive audience and is more effective with Neighbourlink.

Put your Neighbourlink business listing’s QR code, front and centre on an eye-catching advertising template – easy to customize and ready to print. Now people can scan the code, add your business to their favourites, write a review and share with others.

Maximise the use of your business listing and become a local favourite!

In-Store Advertising

Customisable Templates

A4 Poster

More info soon.

A6 Poster

Sign/Menu Holder
Double Sided

Out-Doors Advertising

Customisable Template

Bumper Sticker

More info soon.


More info soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my QR code?

You can find your business QR code on your business listing page, sidebar. Its the widget with the title “Listing QR Code“, just use the buttons to download your unique QR code, or print directly.

What if I have more then one Business addresses/locations?

Each business listing on Neighbourlink represents one location or address. Also each listing will have a unique QR code that directs users to that listing. (If you have more then 1 location of your business or franchise, contact us for a discounted price for multiple listings.)

Do I need a business listing to get a QR code?

If you want a QR code that directs people directly to your business listing and to utilise our advertising templates, then: Yes. Register or login first before listing your business.

Do I have to replace my QR code everytime I edit my listing?

No, as long as you dont change the title of your business listing. You can edit the content as much as you want. Double check the QR code by scanning it to see if its working as advertised. Contact us if you need help or have any difficulties.