Neighbourlink Business Listing

The best way to get your business a better online presence

Give potential customers all the information they need about your business. With Neighbourlink you reap all the benefits of our high Google ranking methods, that allows your business to rate well in any search engine.

Listing Main Features

Your business is more than just a listing. That is why you have total control of your listing at all times. Grow with your business and get more out of your listing.

Contact Details

Share your address for google map directions, phone number to call and your email for direct contact.


Business Description

Present your business with your written description of who you are and what you do.

Rich Content

Embed video from YouTube to Improve conversions. This appeals to customers and search engines.

Social Integration

Automaticity embed posts from Facebook, Instagram or any social network directly into your listing, just paste the link. Easy as!


Unique QR code

Your listing comes with a unique QR code that can be scanned for instantly sharing or even used for in-store advertising.

Website SEO backlink

Link your business listing to your website is a fast and rewarding way to increase your website’s ranking on Google.

Get more with Premium

A featured listing lets you appear higher up in searches on Neighbourlink

Rank Above Competition

Get noticed in Neighbourlink search results when your business shows up higher than your competition.

Even Better SEO

Generate valuable visibility on all search engines and sites like Google, Yahoo search and Bing!

Other marketing solutions for your business

Advertise on Neighbourlink

Posting on the public blog will help you engage with your current and potential customers, making it easier for them to choose your business or service.

Join the Community

Target customers posting in forums for the things you offer. It’s highly targeted advertising that brings more business you can accurately measure.