Welcome to the Kobe Sushi on Neighbourlink, we believe in a simple life, providing you the most valuable hunger solution in New Zealand. “Keep it affordable!”

Kobe Sushi provides Hamilton’s affordable sushi. We deliver quality Japanese food to everyone regardless of your identity. We take pride in delivering our sushi to ensure our customer’s delight and satisfaction.

In 2002, KobeSushi started as a sushi cafe in Hamilton East, serving customers Japanese cuisine and sharing a remarkable experience no matter who you are. After 7 years, we recognize the need to adapt to the environment. We came up with a concept of the “a dollar sushi” where people are able to afford exceptional sushi in Hamilton. Additionally, we shifted our focus towards a fusion between Kiwi and Japanese culture by introducing our signature product Kiwi Fried Sushi.

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Keep it simple
Hamilton’s affordable sushi
Providing reasonably priced sushi with exceptional quality

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