Since launching in 2018, the team at Direct from the Market has been committed to our values of offering the highest quality fruits and vegetables at affordable prices with a strong focus on supporting New Zealand produce and products. We provide a range of services, including delivering food right to our customers doorsteps, supplying office fruit boxes and milk to businesses, and even assisting organisations like the Waikato Women’s refuge with bulk fruit and vegetables boxes.

One thing we are particularly proud of is our zero-waste initiative, making sure 99.9% of our produce is put to good use. We achieve this by helping families in need and any produce that is deemed inedible is sent to a local animal shelter.

Our customers are always our top priority. We strive to provide an unparalled experience, ensuring that our work ethic is top-notch, our service from start to finish is of the highest quality whilst our standards are set even higher.

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