Carlyle Drilling is one of New Zealand’s trusted names when it comes to finding the best sources of water. As your experienced specialist in well drilling, we offer a range of drilling equipment to suit any water well-related project.

Water is elusive, and finding it within the deep ground can be a challenge. But we’re here to take it. As one of the country’s best bore drillers, we aim to serve industries nationwide. We take pride in our work and, as our customers, you are always our first priority.

With our fleet’s range of rigs, we can choose the one ideal for your job and surroundings. Our rigs are supported by a variety of equipment, which includes grout pumps, compressors, separators, welders, mud tanks and generators. You want water; we have the means to make it happen.

When it comes to drilling machines, it’s common sense to take good care of it. Our regular preventative maintenance checks get the job done between projects. A well-maintained fleet runs longer and ensures we maintain our quality workmanship.

Trust our track record if you’re considering our services. We have completed a number of well drilling projects across New Zealand. No matter the size of a job, we are confident we can finish on time and deliver excellent results.

Find water and get in touch with us now by calling 0800 542 0838 or visiting our website for more information.

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