Aura Information Security is a leader in cyber security, offering smart IT security solutions to businesses all over New Zealand that are guaranteed to be cost-effective, innovative and highly effective.

Aura has been helping businesses fight back against attacks on their data by cyber-criminals for 10 years. They work closely with their customers to secure the future of their businesses by providing knowledge and support to make better security decisions.

Aura’s expert network security services include cyber-attack testing such as penetration testing, defensive security services, consulting services and more. With Aura, you can be sure you are protected from start to finish with their Secure by Design module, building security practices into your project frameworks right from the beginning.

They also offer tailored security training courses designed specifically to address all your security requirements. Security education from real experts is essential to maximise your business’s security from within. Different course levels are offered, from the basics of Security Awareness to CyberWise Online Learning, where your employees can benefit from learning the best practices on online cyber security.

The team at Aura Information Security are based in various locations throughout New Zealand and Australia, and are hand-selected for their individual expertise to ensure they always maintain a high standard for their customers.

Contact them on their website to find out more about how Aura Information Security can help protect your business.

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