Building quality homes for Kiwis

We use light-gauge galvanised steel to manufacture frames using the tested and proven Scottsdale Construction System.
Easily build modern residential homes and light commercial buildings.

Why use Steel

Houses have been built with wood for hundreds of years.

Old growth trees make a good building material. However, a dwindling supply of old growth trees and environmental concerns have caused the quality to diminish. Today, it is clear that there is a need for a new building material. Despite the myths that still surround the use of light gauge steel framing, it has come to the forefront as the best and most feasible alternative building material for residential and light commercial construction.

Steel is a Superior Construction Material

Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material
100% recyclable
Non-combustible – does not burn and will not contribute fuel to the spread of a fire
Inorganic – will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep
Dimensionally stable – does not expand or contract with moisture content
Consistent material quality – produced in strict accordance with national standards, no regional variations

Benefits to the Consumer

High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance and slower ageing of structure Fire safety
Not vulnerable to termites
No additional preservative chemicals are required over & above the galvanising process to treat steel, unlike the treatment of timber
Not vulnerable to any type of fungi or organism
Less probability of foundation problems – 5 times lighter than wood which results in less movement
Less probability of damage in an earthquake – lighter structure with stronger connections results in less seismic force
Less probability of damage in high winds – stronger connections, rivetted and screwed versus nailed

Benefits to the Builder

Lighter than other framing materials – no lifting equipment required on site. One person can easily carry a 5-metre fabricated panel
Easy material selection – no need to cull or sort
Straight walls and Square corners
Calls backs due to cracks are eliminated
Windows and doors open and close as they should
Less scrap and waste (2% for steel vs. 20% for timber)
Environmental selling and green positioning

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