Neighbourlink is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operating from Hamilton providing an online service that is connecting people and local businesses closer together in New Zealand, helping communities along the way.

We are looking for a our Online Business directory an:

Independent Sales Consultant

Are you outgoing, do you enjoy meeting and talking to new people, and are you be a motivated self-starter who can handle rejection. If that sounds like you – the rewards are there.

There’s no upper income limit to pay for commission-based sales representatives, income varies depending on the number of sales a rep closes successfully.

There are no standard hours of work for you to punch into and out of an office. You have complete control over your schedule.

As Neighbourlink services are available to a wide range of industries which offers a significant pool of potential buyers.

Sales representatives do some or all of the following:

  • Find and contact potential clients, and develop sales ideas to attract more clients
  • Visit clients to talk about why a business listing helps their business
  • Arrange payment and set up listings or keep them up to date
  • Creating listings content (text, video, photos, links etc)
  • Answer client inquiries, deal with complaints and arrange for resolution of errors
  • Promote businesses when looking for recommondations.
  • Create Posts to advertise news and updates on the Blog (eg Sales)

Skills and Knowledge you need to have:

  • Knowledge of the products or services they are selling
  • Skill in advertising, presenting or promoting the products or services they are selling
  • Business, marketing and basic accounting skills.
  • Social skills and motivation

Work conditions

  • Spend a lot of time traveling locally or around the country to meet with clients
  • Generally, work normal office hours, but may sometimes work evenings or weekends to meet customers’ needs
  • Often work in stressful conditions as they usually have sales targets to reach


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

When signing up a business, you need to charge at least the full amount of the listing (monthly or yearly, standard or premium) to the business owner. Once you create the listing on Neighbourlink, you can add your coupon code (which you will get when signing up for this job) for a discount on the payment plan. That discount is your commision. Make sure you charge the business owners accordngly so you can build up your income.

Do you deduct tax from my earnings?

No, you are responsible for paying your own income tax.

How do I find customers?

Many start with existing connections and seek out opportunities to connect with more people who are potential buyers through networking events. You can also achieve a sale through reaching out to potential buyers via social media, calling them directly or door-to-door sales.
If you do reach out through social media we recommend ensuring your social media accounts portray you as a professional in order to be perceived as a genuine professional with something valuable to offer. Check out our page for advertisement templates to help you out.

Do you cover my admin and travel costs?

These have already been calculated into the offered commission rate and are not paid for on an item by item basis. These costs are tax deductible and can be claimed for when submitting your income tax.

Do I get sick or annual leave?

You are paid for active listings; no paid sick or annual leave is provided.

Do you provide training and support?

Yes we provide you with training recources on how to use the system and provide support when there is a system based error or help via the forums.

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