Level NZ is a ‘service first, sales second’ business, which is why our business originated with our laser service workshop, servicing, calibrating and certifying a wide range of laser equipment.

Now in addition to our in-house workshop we stock and distribute a wide range of quality laser leveling equipment (that we service ourselves) and accessories through-out NZ. We hold good levels of stock at our base in Christchurch and offer great value tried and proven products with freight free delivery nationwide.

Level NZ offers a calibration & certification service on most laser levelling equipment used in the industry and repair service on equipment we supply.

When was your laser last calibrated? – Lasers do go out of accuracy through general usage so it is important to check them regularly using the steps shown in our technical section or with your own cross-reference method.

Lasers and leveling equipment have a fundamental purpose of creating a level plane from which to build your foundation/deck/driveway etc. from, so it is critical to ensure that they are doing their job! Leveling equipment does go out of calibration and become inaccurate over time due to dropping, knocks and bumps and general usage.

You should regularly carry out a self-test and send to the service workshop at least once per year (preferably every six months) for a full test and calibration. For the small fee, you pay it is definitely worth the costly errors you could avoid!

We work with many different customers calibrating & supplying laser levels and also do a lot of pre-sale certification work. Many imported lasers are put straight on the shelf without the calibration being tested after their several week journey from the manufacturer. A lot of merchants are seeing the value and benefits for their customers of having the laser calibrated and certified prior to sale.

Source Link: https://levelnz.co.nz/product/lnz-rotating-laser-level-hdr3000-kit/



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